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There are thousands of CD directories available in the market! But if your search is for the best ones that will help you get the best and the hottest sales leads, we have some good news for you! At CD-ROM Directory we offer you the best business directories, yellow pages and phone directories, all at incredible prices!

Our business listings, phone directories and mailing addresses come with the latest technology that is built for quick lookups! You no longer have to make a great effort to locate a phone number in the conventional bulky phone directories. Our directories - from yellow pages CD-ROMs to the white pages CD-ROMs to international business listings - are updated regularly so that they give you only the best and the most authentic information that will help you get the best sales leads.

We understand your demand for the best sales leads! Mailing addresses are critically important for the success of any direct marketing venture! If you are looking to expand your business to newer horizons, avail of our phone directory services. Our phone directory is filled with detailed companies information carefully compiled by the publishers through extensive use of questionnaires sent to each company and business listed in the directory.

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Telefonbuch & GelbeSeiten Map&Route

Germany 2017 - Telefonbuch & GelbeSeiten Map&Route


 Telefonbuch und GelbeSeiten Map&Route DVD
Residential & Business Di
rectory for Germany


Switzerland 2017 - TwixTel


 TwixTel DVD
Phone Directory Switzerland

Telefonbuch DVD home + route

Austria 2017 - Telefonbuch DVD home+ route Österreich


 Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telephone Directory & Business Directory

Africa Business Databases

Africa 2014/2016 - Africa Package


Africa Business Databases - Africa Package
Information of your Business partners in Africa

Asia Business Databases

Asia 2014/2016 - Asia Package - Business Database Asia Companies


Asia Package - Asia Business Databases 
Asia business to business contacts

Europe Business Database

Europe 2014/2016 - Europe telemarketing data lists


Europe Package - Europe Business Database
European targeted telemarketing data lists 


France 2017 - CD-Prospect


CD roms d'adresses France

France Prospect

France 2017 - France Prospect


France Prospect
Business directory on CD-Rom

Business Database

India 2014/2016 - India Direct Mail Data Lists


India Business Database
Direct Mail Data Lists for India

Ireland Business Database

Ireland 2014/2016 - Business Database Ireland Companies


Ireland Business Database 
 direct marketing lists

Japan Business Database

Japan 2014/2016 - Japan Company Database


Japan Business Database
Company Database Japan

Mexico Business Database

Mexico 2014/2016 - Mexican Business Leads


Mexico Business Database 
Complete Mexican Business Leads


Middle East 2014/2016 - Middle East Package - Middle East Company Database


Middle East Business Databases
Entire Middle East Company Database

The Gulf Directory CD-ROM

Middle East 2015/2016 - The Gulf Directory CD-ROM


The Gulf Directory
Industrial & Commercial Guide

Discover America Companies

North America 2014/2016 - North & Central America Package


North & Central America Package 
direct marketing lists

Russia Business Database

Russia 2014/2016 - Business Database Russia Companies


Russia Business Database 
Business partners in Russia

Business Leads from the UAE

UAE 2014/2016 - United Arab Emirates Business Leads


Discover United Arab Emirates Companies
Business Leads from the UAE


South Africa 2014/2016 - South African company profiles


South Africa Business Database
South African company profiles and industry information 

South America Business Databases

South America 2014/2016 - Business Database South America Companies


South America Package - South America Business Database 
That makes you the Marketing Pro

Turkey Business Database

Turkey 2014/2016 - Turkey Company Database


Turkey Business Database
Turkey Company Database including contact information 

Russia Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Russia 2016 - Russia Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


Russia Marketing Data
Russia Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Australian Business

Australia 2016 - Australia Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


Australia Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Australian Business for professional contacts

Brazil Contacts on CD & Download

Brazil 2016 - Brazil Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


Brazil Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Business Mailing Lists


China 2017 - China Business Database


China Business Database
Chinese Mail Lists on CD

Germany Contacts on CD & Download

Germany 2017 - Germany Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


Germany Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Firmendatenbank Deutschland in Excel


Global 2016/2017 - Mailing Lists & Sales Leads


Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Big Business Databases for a small price

Worldwide Top Executive

Global 2014/2016 - Worldwide Top Executive


Worldwide Top Executive
Top Executive Data Business Package

Mailing lists database Europe

Europe 2017 - Europe Email/Url Business


Europe Email/Url Business
European Business Database